This small salami has its origins in the lower Piacenza/Parma area where culatello is produced and in fact, prosciutto scraps were used to produce it. Stuffed into the “budellina” (thin intestine), it was the first salami produced in Norcia ready for consumption.

Cut of meat: selected meats of which at least 20% are made up of prosciutto trimmings.

Processing: medium grinding with a 6 mm plate. During the spicing stage, an infusion of garlic and wine is added. Today it is stuffed into a collagen casing for a more homogeneous texture. The maturing period is at least 15 days..

Weight: 0.2 kg

Organoleptic characteristics: it has a small diameter and a soft consistency.

Eating suggestions: it is a must in a varied and appetizing starter.