Miniature size, tender and delicious, this is the San Bono mascot.
Quick and easy to peel, it has a delicate flavour and a soft texture.

Cut of meat: mix of lean meats (shoulder and minced) and fatty meats (belly, throat and lard).

Processing: the meats are carefully selected and trimmed, passed through the meat grinder using a 4 mm plate and then mixed with salt and spices according to our recipe that has been handed down and improved over years of processing and scrupulous product analysis. The salami is then transferred to the drying and maturing chambers for a minimum of 7 days.

Weight: 90/100 gr per piece; strings of 8 pieces.

Organoleptic properties: the red colour of the lean meat and the white of the fat are perfectly mixed for a unique product, both in shape and taste.

Eating suggestions: you can’t eat just one, thanks to the tasty but delicate flavour; also very popular with children because of its miniature shape and it is easy to chew.