Hand-cut Pontoliese

Tasting the hand-cut Pontoliese salami is a real blast from the past. The recipe, handed down by peasants from our mountains who raised pigs and processed the meat at home, has remained unchanged, allowing us to preserve the values and flavours typical of our area. When cut, the slice is irregular, making each morsel unique.

Cut of meat: mix of lean meats (shoulder and minced) and fatty meats (belly, throat and lard).

Processing: the lardons are coarsely ground, so that they vary in size and allow the fat and lean to mix randomly. Salt and spices are measured out according to tradition, while the drying and maturing process is carried out with temperatures and humidity such as to recreate the characteristic environment of the cellars of the past.

Weight: 0.5 / 0.8 kg

Organoleptic properties: intense red colour of the lean meat interspersed with large and irregular lardons that give it the typical features of the salami of our mountains.

Eating suggestions: a rustic salami, to be enjoyed with a slice of bread, like once upon a time.