Classic Gentile

It is one of the “flagship” products of the San Bono company.
The slice has a compact consistency and a bright red colour, interspersed with small pieces of pearly white fat – it is just waiting to be tasted!

Cut of meat: noble cuts of meat, selected and chosen with care, minced with an 8 mm plate.

Processing: processing follows the procedure of the other salamis. The particular “gentle pork” casing (large intestine) in which the mixture is stuffed has a greater thickness than a normal casing, allowing this particular salami to mature longer, while remaining soft. The finished product is longer than the classic salami.

Weight: 0.8 to 1.2 kg

Organoleptic propeties: bright red colour, sweet and delicate flavour.

Eating suggestions: bread and salami is the most classic of combinations and also in this case it is the perfect choice.

Available vacuum packed