The result of generations of experience and the starting point for the production of the many products developed over time, it is a cured meat with a harmonious and compact shape and a sweet and delicate flavour.
When cut, the slice is homogeneous, with a bright red colour, interspersed with dots of pink fat.

Cut of meat: mix of lean meats (shoulder and minced) and fatty meats (belly, throat and lard).

Processing: the meats are processed according to classic procedures; the first phase involves roughing with the cutter, then grinding with a meat grinder, using an 8 mm plate, and finally everything is mixed in the mixer with salt and spices that will enhance the flavour. Stuffed into a natural casing (“pelato”), it is hand-tied with a string that, once the maturing period has elapsed, gives it that refined rustic touch.

Weight: from 0.5 kg to 0.9 kg

Organoleptic properties: thanks to the intense spiciness, this cured meat is tasty even after a short maturing time.

Eating suggestions: for a snack or an appetizer with friends, to be enjoyed with a slice of bread – a must.