Spicy Spianata

The spicy “Spianata” is a salami very similar to Ventricina, but differs because of its “flattened” shape, due to the manufacturing process. It has a deep red colour and a very spicy flavour.

Cut of meat: the mixture is made up of 80% lean meat and 20% throat and belly, minced with an 8 mm plate.

Processing: once encased, it is left to mature and is pressed for a few days to obtain the classic, slightly flattened shape.

Weight: 3 / 3.5kg

Organoleptic properties: the typical orange colour is given by the spices, while its taste is spicy and savoury.

Eating suggestions: suitable for different preparations and recipes, from a sauce for a stuffed pasta to a savoury tart, or even in salads for those who love strong flavours.

Available vacuum packed