Typical of the hilly and mountainous areas of Piacenza, it is a local salami difficult to imitate, because of its strong taste and intense aromas. The name derives from the gut (“mariola” or “muletta”) inside which it is stuffed. The thickness of the casing guarantees a slower maturation. When cut, the slice is compact with an intense, bright red colour.

Cut of meat: mix of lean meats (shoulder and minced) and fatty meats (belly, throat and lard).

Processing: the meat is carefully trimmed and passed through the mincer with a 12 mm plate and then stuffed and hand-tied only, according to tradition.

Weight: 0.6 to 0.8kg.

Organoleptic properties: intense and characteristic flavour especially if left to mature for a long time.

Eating suggestions: it needs nothing more than a good slice of homemade bread to become the perfect snack, at any time of the day.