“La Paesana”

Lean coppa of national origin, but outside the PDO certified production system.
A ruby red colour, bright and intense with delicate and subtle streaks of pearly pink fat. A unique product, perfect for any social occasion.

Cut of meat: processed from selected raw materials of national origin that guarantee the highest quality.

Processing: processing and maturing are identical to those of the PDO coppa; what makes it different is the spicing. In fact, La Paesana coppa has to mature for no longer than 90/100 days in order for it to reach its maximum tastiness.

Weight: 1.8 / 2.2 kg

Organoleptic properties: a ruby ​​red colour with delicate, thin streaks of fat.

Eating suggestions: It is a must on the typical aperitif platter, accompanied by a glass of red wine.

Available vacuum packed