“La Dolce Valle”

Cut of meat: made with the best fresh meat available from the EC markets; it is mainly a lean product.

Processing: particular attention is given to the meat on its arrival, when it is checked and painstakingly trimmed; salt and spices are carefully measured out. Wrapped in a so-called “pelle di sugna” casing, the coppa is then tied and left to rest for a few weeks in the refrigerating chamber. We then move on to the drying phase which lasts a week and then to the maturing phase: after about 70 days it is ready for consumption.

Weight: La Dolce Valle reaches a matured weight of about 1.6 / 2 kg

Organoleptic properties: sweet.

Eating suggestions: Because of its sweet and delicate taste, it is the “queen” of the cutting board for an aperitif, but also perfect enjoyed with just a slice of bread.

Available vacuum packed