“La Dolce”

This is the patriarch: one of the most typical products of the area that San Bono has been able to improve over the years, decades in fact, and succeed in obtaining important international awards for this product defined as true excellence.

Cut of meat: the raw material comes from pigs from the Emilia / Lombardy supply chain – as in the case of PDO certified coppa.

Processing: processing is the same as for Coppa Piacentina DOP – in fact, this is what it becomes at the end of the fifth month of maturation. After 90 days, La Dolce is ready to be put on the market and can finally be enjoyed. When selling this type of coppa, the maturing periods are clearly distinguishable: 3 months, 4 months and 5 months.

Weight: 1.8 / 2.5 kg

Organoleptic properties: as the name implies, it has a sweet taste and a delicate aroma.

Eating suggestions: sliced, with homemade bread, for a true “gourmand” snack.

Available vacuum packed