The family pork butcher and “The art of good things”

A look behind the scenes among products, people, and places to tell the story of the Family Pork Butcher and his products. Intense days of filming, tiring but exciting, captivating and fun. Watch the videos.

What is “the art of good things”? A mix of know-how, knowing how to eat, how to love, how to live, knowing how to enjoy big and little things. The territory of Piacenza, expression of a piece of Italy and its lifestyle, is the setting.

For this reason, we went to have a look around the studio of Paola Foppiani, the sculptor from Piacenza. And it was in her “workshop” that we found that very “truth” we were looking for and which San Bono promotes. A product is precious not only for its technical and qualitative characteristics, but because it is imbued with passion, values ​​and true stories linked to the area in which it was born.

The Family Pork Butcher cannot express himself without the genuineness of his surroundings and daily experiences, where he prepares his miniature masterpieces for people to enjoy.



The new San Bono website is online

The new San Bono website is online

The new San Bono website is online, with renewed graphics and contents. Our history, the territory, the quality, a series of pages that tell our passion for cured meats. Do not miss the section dedicated to our products, with all the product lines and information...