Pancetta contadina

It is our pancetta par excellence.
Tradition and scrupulousness come together in this cured meat for a result that has no equal. Due to its sensory characteristics, it can be defined as a “a cured meat for thought”.
Each wafer-thin slice is a plunge into flavour.

Cut of meat: obtained from a section of the pig called the “mantle” which is made up of pork belly and lard in a single piece; this is why the cut is bigger.

Processing: hand-stitched and machine-tied, it is then hung and taken to the drying chambers and then to the maturing chambers, where it will remain for at least 8 months at constantly controlled temperatures and humidity

Weight: sizes ranging from 8 to 12 kg

Organoleptic properties: tantalizing aroma and delicious taste

Eating suggestions: it is excellent wrapped around a square of smoked scamorza cheese or placed on a crouton spread with gorgonzola cheese.

Available vacuum packed