Pork thigh Fiocco in netting

Cut of meat: the processed cut of meat comes from the most noble and prized part of the pig, the thigh.

Processing: salted and rubbed to help the salt deep into the heart of the product. Left to rest for a few weeks, then wrapped in a “pelle di sugna” casing (like Piacenza coppa). Then it is hand-tied, with the string pulled tight to make it very compact. Left to dry for a week, then matured. The prolonged maturation makes the product tastier, drier and more compact when cut, so it can be enjoyed like a normal cold cut and paired in so many different ways

Weight: 1.8 / 2.5 kg

Organoleptic properties: when maturing exceeds 6 months, the intense taste of the meat and of the added spices is enhanced.

Eating suggestions: when it is still soft enough (at about 60 days of maturing) the fiocchetto is excellent drizzled with olive oil and aromatic herbs that enhance its rich flavour.