Large pork sausage

Cut of meat: pork, rind and pork fat.

Processing: the meats are selected and trimmed with extreme care; a mixture of aromas and salt is added according to the traditional recipe of San Bono. The meats are then minced with a double plate, 8 mm and 6 mm respectively.The casing is prepared by washing it in vinegar solutions and rinsing with water. We then move on to encasing, tying up and affixing the identification seal, before proceeding with the dripping and drying phases. Finally, the product is stored in a refrigerating room.

Weight: we offer different weights

Fresh cotechino: from 4 to 8 hg stuffed into a tied “cresponetto”  pig’s gut

Cotechino for boiling: 220 gr stuffed into a bovine casing

Giant cotechino: max 3.5 kg stuffed into a sow’s gut called “mariola”

Organoleptic properties: when cut, the slice, a pinkish-red colour, is compact with uniform grain, slightly chewy when masticated. After cooking the product should be easy to cut into slices, each slice holding together.

Eating suggestions: to be eaten after cooking for at least 3 hours. It is one of the typical products of the Christmas and winter period in general, perfect accompanied by a side dish such as mashed potatoes or lentils.

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